Sunday 17 November 2013

New appliances, rosebuds and the rugby

Last night we gobbled down delicious Asian-fusion food with our friends Gosia and Martin (Aardman alumni who came to NZ for work three months ago). A visit to Chow isn't complete without a Rosebud - a friend clued me in on their passionfruit sweetness years ago and I swear, there would be a riot if these dollops of heaven were ever removed from the cocktail menu.

Dinner with friends twice in one week - I really know how to live....

The rest of the weekend was made of work, the rugby (lovely, as always, to watch the ABs smash the Poms) and, as if further evidence was needed of my excitement-filled life, new appliances. First up was this shiny microwave, to replace the one we shipped back from the UK, the one whose purchase was memorable mainly for the number of expletives that accompanied it. It was May 2010, I'd just arrived in Bristol and, seeking to spend as little time in the shithole of a kitchen that was attached to the equally shithole of a flat the Animator had rented, we needed to buy a microwave stat. The nearest and cheapest was at our local branch of Sainsburys and as we had no car, we were forced to carry it up the inappropriately named, and unfortunately quite steep, Whiteladies Road. I do remember the F word making more appearances than Joan Rivers at her plastic surgeon's office.    

This weekend we also opened our wallets for a barbecue to replace the one we sold before moving to the UK. Putting it together was more confusing than the Da Vinci Code (and almost as tedious), but we're looking forward to using it. Lots.

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