Saturday 26 April 2014

ANZAC weekend

We didn't make it to the dawn service but it was lovely to have another three-day weekend.

In commemoration of our fallen soldiers, the Animator made these ANZAC biscuits yesterday to take to our friends Lorna and Jake's place, following a dog-walk with Bristol and their woofer Dobbie. Except we forgot to take them and now have more of the oaty/buttery concoction than we know what to do with.


This afternoon, as I toiled over a story for North & South Magazine, a sub-editor mate sent me this link to a piece on BuzzFeed about what happens when a media industry slices resources to the bone (click here to read). The world is indeed fukt.


  1. Oh Fin Review. That's not so good...

  2. Agreed but at least it gave us a laugh.....the big boys (and they usually are boys!) need to realise that if you keep slashing budgets and staff, that's what you get. The world needs sub-editors!



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