Tuesday 15 April 2014


Today, while waiting to meet a client, a student sitting next to me in reception was rifling through her handbag. Somehow it fell off her knee, scattering its contents all over the floor. Amongst the detritus I counted at least 20 condoms. Either this girl is a rep for a latex company or she's having a really good time. It has to be said that neither the girl, nor any of the other students in the waiting room, batted an eyelid.

In other random news, a colleague bent my ear about tonight's lunar eclipse and how it seemed to be doing odd things to folks; I was initially dismissive of that "hippy shit" but, on reflection, have decided there may be a grain of truth. Today has brought all sorts of odd behaviour from all sorts of folks. I am choosing to be Zen about it and put it down to the lunar stuff, rather than good old fashioned bad moods and tanty throwing. All I can say is, it better be over by tomorrow.

One thing that did gladden my heart was this gorgeous story from the Huff Post about a homeless dude's dog that waited outside a Brazilian hospital for eight days for him. Which, once again, confirms which side of the animals Vs humans scale I come down on.

In keeping, today's visuals are of more cute woofers (and it's not even Friday)...

 (Pic credit: Tumblr)

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