Monday 21 April 2014

My newest crush

Bristol would kill me if he knew, but I spent a chunk of the weekend fraternising with the enemy.

On Saturday night it was Tab and Chris's two gorgeous ragdoll cats, Lola and Frankie, and today I popped in to see the newest addition to my friend Rachel's whanau - a tiny wee bundle of fur called Hershey. And Hershey's older sister, Honey.

I almost got stoned on Vitamin D on the run home - the sunshine was glorious. The last story of the weekend was written, (yay for me, I did EVERYTHING on my list), there was a walk in the Town Belt and a laugh with our English friend Sarah (mum of Betty, one of Bristol's favourite GFs) and a group of her mates who were rolling painted boiled eggs down the hill (!)

It was, all in all, a Very Good Weekend.

Today's visuals are of Rachel's fur babies. Cute doesn't even come close.


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