Sunday 20 April 2014


We just got home from a dinner party with our friends Tab and Chris - there was a bottle of good bubbles (Piper) and this gorgeous veggie dinner that apparently was downloaded from the Jamie Oliver app. There was also a banoffee pie that the Animator promised to make but, at 4.00pm when I asked him where dessert was, he mumbled something about buying a new TV and shot out the door. I had to abandon a story I was writing and step into the breach. It should come as no surprise that the Animator is currently filed under 'my least favourite people'.

I also promised to share this week's Travel Talk, which features the gorgeous Catherine from Sparkles the Dog, she who sent me the flowers the other day and someone who would never find herself in the same category as the Animator (click here to read).



  1. I hope the Animator has by now joined me in the 'good' box!

  2. Ha ha, yes he's getting! there! But he could only ever hope to reach your high standards, Catherine! Hope your Easter is going well....SSx



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