Sunday 6 April 2014

What we did this weekend

Bright and early Saturday morning we headed up the coast to stay at a friend's bach at Waiterere Beach (translation for overseas readers, a bach is a holiday home/weekender).

There was much nosing around second hand stores in Foxton and Shannon, walks on the beach and fish and chips in the sun. There was even some work squeezed in (deadlines are no respector of weekends).  

On the way home, there was an interview with the wonderfully unconventional Kirsty Green, the woman behind the Bus Stop Cafe (yes, that is a big blue bus in her front garden).

Last night was the first night since we got him 2-1/2 years ago that Bristol hasn't spent under our roof. He was a little bewildered as to why we were in strange surroundings, and may even have tried to escape via the cat door (I have chosen to throw a veil over that particular episode as it may not have had the happy ending it did) but he had a great time on the beach and is now shattered. I predict he will sleep all week.


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