Friday 11 April 2014

We beat Kate and Wills...

NZ is currently awash with Royal fever, as Kate, Wills and bubs traipse up and down the country. Having lived in the UK twice, and witnessed the impact the Royals have on the public purse, I can't say I'm a fan (although I'm currently back-filling in the comms team for an organisation directly involved in the tour so, ironically, they've provided me with employment).

Earlier this week the visitors headed over the winding road to Wharekauhau Lodge, a luxurious country estate in the Wairarapa. About six years ago, the Animator and I managed to blag a freebie there for a story for the Herald on Sunday (click here to read). It was, from memory, a ridiculously indulgent weekend. Am guessing not much has changed since then, so trust the Royals enjoyed it.

(Pic credit: Google Images)

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