Tuesday 28 June 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Weekend


  • A Friday night catchup with two of my Bristol BFFs, Frenchie and Yoma. Featured lots of red wine, a random group of London lads on a stag weekend and much busting of moves on a too-small dancefloor.

  • Having a former colleague from Wellington and her lovely beau up from London on Saturday. We collected Heidi and Luke from the bus station and drove them to Bath where we did the usual tourist treadmill and caught up on two years' worth of gossip.

  • Another Sunday morning, another two car boot sales. More bargains.

  • The 'heatwave' promised by weather forecasters arrived with a whopping 29 degrees on Sunday. Yes, that was me you saw, down on my knees, singing Hallelujah.

  • Sunday lunch with friends on the top deck of a boat moored on the River Avon. You can never go wrong with sunshine, laughter and delicious food.

  • Having spent a good 10 minutes admiring a group of gorgeous ducklings in Bath, we watched in horror as a bastard seagull swooped in and cruelly snatched one of them. Heidi and I were beyond traumatised. Who knew seagulls ate meat? That's us below, cooing over the fluffy bundles just minutes before seagull Vs duckling began.


  • Knowing I had to rise early on Saturday morning to greet our Kiwi visitors, I'd vowed to leave the pub at 11.00pm on Friday. Ended up rocking in at 2.00am, throwing up several times and downing so many paracemetol I should be given shares in the company. Another reason to leave Blighty...

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  1. Glad to see you finally got some sunshine over there...that looked like a great place to have lunch!

    D xox



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