Friday 17 June 2011

An open letter

Dear People of Britain,

Please could you do us all a favour and stop using the word 'lush'. It has, it would seem, become your word de jour. As in: 'That dress is so lush' or 'He is so lush'.

It is not clever, it is not cool and it is so many shades of wrong I can't even begin to describe them. It makes me want to stab myself in the ears with a very sharp pencil every time I hear someone use it. It's almost as annoying as Antipodeans' abuse of the word 'awesome'. Almost.

I cannot be held responsible for my actions the next time someone says it to me. Please God, make them stop...

(Pic: UK Human Rights Blog)


  1. Noooo! That is a west country phrase. The cockney's use "wicked" and the Mancs use "sound", each region to their own. Using "Lush" in London will induce laughs...

  2. ha ha - it must just be the mad folk around here then! Give me the Cockney slang any day...




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