Wednesday 8 June 2011

Summer? What bleeding summer?

It's raining in Bristol.

Not the usual dreary drizzle that constitutes an English summer, but the kind of downpour that makes animals start lining up in twos.

I have emailed the Animator to ask him to stop by B&Q on the way home to buy planks of wood, nails, string and assorted boaty things. Tonight we will start building our Ark and if this sodding rain keeps up, I predict we will be in Croatia by next Wednesday.

(Pic: Guardian)


  1. I loved the comment about the ark - made my day!

    It's not that different here in Wellington at the moment - but then it is winter here! Hope you get to at least see some sun

    Mel xx

  2. How lovely - a boat cruise to Croatia. You seem to be having all the fun over there!!!!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Ha ha - hey I'll take an unintentional trip!

    But hold the front page - it's actually stopped raining here...might have to delay the ark voyage until Sunday when it's due to pee down again. Oh happy summer days...




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