Sunday 13 November 2011

Moving coma

I have no idea what is happening in Italy or what the new Greek Prime Minister's name is. Not a clue as to what's making headlines in US politics or the Middle East, letalone little ole Aotearoa (they tell me there are national elections here two weeks - please don't ask me who my local candidates are).

Firmly embedded in the moving bubble, my life currently consists of moving, packing, unpacking and cleaning. I have no idea where certain items are and there are still boxes to be unpacked, pictures to be hung and, critically, stuff to be sanded, tiled, painted and carpeted. But we are in the house, and for that I am stupidly grateful.

Now, because I agreed to take on extra work for the new contract, I am about to chain myself to the laptop and edit/re-nose a 36 page document. I should be unpacking. I should be trying out the new oven/washing machine/gas hob, etc. Oh well, there's always the window between 10.00pm and midnight...

Hopefully normal transmission will resume shortly...

(Pic: Google Images)

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