Saturday 26 November 2011

Relaxing Saturday

New house, new dog, new job: no wonder I am marinating in tiredness. Today, however, was like being handed a ticket to an amusement park ride known as 'relax and enjoy'. There was some big ticket item shopping (DVD player, TV for the kitchen), a bit of socialising (introducing Bristol to our tenants), some picture hanging and painting. We cast our vote in the national elections and salivated over recipes in my ever-growing collection of cook books.

And then there were these beauties straight out of the garden: anyone who knows me knows I favour white flowers above all else, and these delicate roses make me smile every time I see them. They seem particularly taken with the vintage Dundee Marmalade pot I paid two quid for at a carboot sale in Cheddar in the UK (yes, as in the birthplace of the cheese) which now has pride of place in the upstairs bathroom.

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