Saturday 19 November 2011

Welcome to Bristol

Yesterday we stopped being an old married couple with an almost completed house and two crazy busy lives and started being a trio.

This scruffy little bundle of grey fluff joined the Stephenson/Haughey whanau at around 5.00pm when we picked him up from the vet where he'd had his manhood removed. As I type this, he's sleeping next to me in his soft new bed, making the cutest snoring/snorting noises.

After 18 months of being doggy free, it feels good to open our home and our hearts to a four-legged bubs.

Following much deliberation, we settled on the name of Bristol, in homage to our last place of residence and one of our favourite cities...


  1. OMG Bristol is such a cutie, he won't know he's born, he will be spoilt rotten i'm sure. Gary's face cringed when i said he'd had a snip! gorgeousness xx

  2. Thanks hon, he is a wee darling. We took him for a walk around the harbour this morning and were stopped sooo many times by people wanting to pat him and admire him!
    Good luck with your carbooting this Sunday!


  3. Awwww.... That's all I can say :-)



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