Sunday 15 April 2012

Another weekend down

It's late and I'm tired, so a quick recap of this weekend:
  • Words were written, stories filed, invoices sent
  • The first soup of autumn was made (Thai pumpkin coconut, since you asked)
  • The next words make my gag reflex kick in, but it's GST time, meaning I've had to painstakingly locate endless pieces of paper for my accountant
  • The back-stage pass we had last night to Pirates! A Band of Misfits. The assembled animation boffins loved it and asked the Animator all manner of interesting and intelligent questions.
  • There was a trip to the pet store to stock up on assorted canine ephemera. Our little one almost peed on another dog, he was so excited.
  • Exhaustion from yesterday's outings has done him in; he's currently lying on his back, making cute little crying noises and dreaming of chasing rabbits. That never gets old.

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