Tuesday 10 April 2012

Four years ago today we were....

in Vegas, getting married by 'Elvis' for a story for NEXT Magazine (hey, it was a free wedding!)

To celebrate our anniversary, tonight we went to this fabulous restaurant for dinner. We stuffed our faces with delicious food and wine (including complimentary drinks when they found out it was our anniversary) and dissected our lives, and all the wonderful adventures we've had, over the past four years.

We also gobbled down these desserts which the food police would have arrested us for (the chocolate mousse was to die for and the Animator reported his pear souffle was "like a kiss from an angel".)

Here's to another deliriously happy four years...


  1. How lovely! And what a scrummy blue outfit you have on to mark the special occasion ;-) xxxx

  2. thank you hon! I can't believe it's been four years already! How time flies,eh?

    And that is such a rubbish photo (blame the waitress!)but that's the purple Stella McCartney I bought in welly, of all places! Thought I would try and get one more wear out of it before the weather packed up.

    how are you petal?


  3. OMG it was four years ago?! Seems like only yesterday you were telling me about having the story commissioned and sorting out your trip.

    Huge congrats and I'll raise my glass to many more happy years.

    Mel xox

  4. Hey doll, thanks so much for your kind words.

    Hear you on the 'where did the last four years go?'...seriously insane.

    Hope all good in your world




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