Wednesday 4 April 2012

Email of the week

Yesterday, while trying to make the large hand of the clock move faster, I was trawling through my LinkedIn account, seeing who I could annoy with a 'please join my network' type email.

Anyway, I found a few victims, including Lindsay Dawson, one of NZ's most amazing magazine editors who I started my feature writing career with way back when I first returned from London.

Anyway, Lindsay emailed me to say gidday and (swoon): "...glad to see you're still writing, you were always so good at it!" Holy crap! As well as being possibly the nicest woman in journalism, Lindsay is the high priestess of magazine publishing, the founder of landmark glossy mags NEXT and GRACE, both of whom I have written for (in fact, one of my proudest career moments was having a six page feature in the first ever issue of GRACE, about the boys from the NZ Ballet company commissioned, of course, by Lindsay). To have this woman say my writing was good was like winning the journalism lottery.

Sorry if that sounds like hubris, but WOW! I was so excited I had to have a pee.

Apols for the rubbish reproduction of the email below...


  1. Hey Sharon, that's so good to hear! You don't know me but I love dipping into your blog each day - it's the equivalent of sitting down with a mug of tea and a good magazine.

    You write really well so of course that editor would say that! Have you ever thought about writing a book? Keep up the great work...


  2. Hey Natalie, what a nice thing to say!

    It's lovely to hear that someone actually reads my mad rants. Have a lovely Easter, wherever in the world you are.




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