Tuesday 17 April 2012

Things I'll never do

Not sure how we got into it but today conversation at work turned to things you'd never catch us doing. It was a funny, throwaway conversation but here's my list, by no means exhaustive, of things I'll never do:
  • Reproduce: no screwing with the gene pool or adding to the chronic over-population of this poor groaning planet for me
  • Headline Wembley
  • Eat smooth peanut butter: how can I take you seriously as a person if you prefer smooth to crunchy peanut-based spreads?
  • Be tall
  • Eat meat (animals of the world, you have nothing to fear from me)

  • Wear Crocs, Polar Fleece or high-waisted jeans
  • Win an Olympic medal
  • Even begin to understand cruelty to animals, organised religion or racism.

(Pic credit: Google Images)

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