Saturday 1 June 2013


There was high excitement in the Stephenson-Haughey household this morning when the Animator found a dog wandering around the hood. Mysteriously, it still had its lead attached.

He brought it home and while the poor thing hungrily ate Bristol's food, we called the council. I'm sure I recognised the sweet black dog from our jaunts in the Town Belt and Bristol was gracious enough to share his backyard with another woofer. Fortunately, it didn't take long for the dog control folk to collect the dog and I hope they have tracked down his owner.

Later there was a trip out to Eastbourne to interview the owners of this beautiful house for Homestyle magazine, then lunch in town and an hour spent chatting with neighbours while six dogs cavorted and chased each other all over the park. It was heaven for both canines and humans.

Tonight I will strap myself to the laptop and not move until I have scaled freelance mountain.

(Pic credit: Stuff)

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