Tuesday 18 June 2013


The last few days seem to have fallen down the back of the sofa.

All I can recall of them are: work, rain, work, friends over for cake, more rain, more work.

The aftermath of the recent deluge was in evidence today when Bristol and his doggie mate Simba enjoyed a mud bath in the Town Belt. They had a grand old time, sliding around it and sloshing about in puddles. When we got home, I realised there were clumps of mud and grass clinging to his undercarriage. So into the shower he went.

Discovery of the day: the Hound likes the hair dryer. All those sessions at the groomer have obvs taught him to lie back and enjoy. Given his predilection for growling at noisy appliances, this was a revelation. So today wasn't a total waste of make-up after all.



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