Tuesday 4 June 2013


Two days ago I emailed a friend in the US to gush over how mild our autumn/winter had been.

It was too much obvs, because today the fates gathered together every bit of crap weather they could find and hurled it down on us.

On the way home from work, hail stung my face and the wind tried to carry me to the South Island. Water seeped into my walking shoes and because I forgot my gloves, my fingers froze.

One hot shower and an even hotter curry later, and warmth has wrapped around me like a thick duvet. I am also prostrating myself in front of the genius who invented central heating.

I am currently snug in bed with my laptop, writing a corporate newsletter I need to deliver next week. The Animator, bless him, has just made the most ridiculously fattening hot chocolate with chocolate chips. Having endured the worst weather so far this year, I have managed to convince myself that drinking this is an entirely necessary thing to do.

Am telling myself that I will run it off later this week...

  (Pic Credit: Google Images) 

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