Wednesday 5 June 2013

Three years

Number of posts - 811.

Number of views - 49,789.

Number of countries where those views occurred - 98.

Keeping this wee enterprise going for three years - Priceless.

Actually, the third anniversary of the blog was May 31, but there's been so much going on, I clean forgot.

Thanks for tagging along, and here's to me not running out of steam for a little while yet...

(Pic Credit: Google Images)


  1. Wow, three years! Good going GF.

    I love reading what you're up to and your published stories so please don't run out of puff!

    Sas xx

  2. Go Shazzy, go Shazzy!

    Bring on another three years of your entertaining, well-written musings. We should celebrate this milestone!

    Mel xox

  3. Thanks laydeees. Yeah when I started this wee blog, sitting in my grotty flat in Bristol, I did't think beyond the next post, letalone three years down the track. But still enjoying it so why not keep going, eh?

    Happy weekends to you both




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