Saturday 22 June 2013

Winter storm

If this rain doesn't let up soon, we'll have to start building an Ark and figuring out how many cans of baked beans to pack.

Some Wellingtonians are still without power and parts of the South Coast have been crushed like a bug under a giant's foot. Three houses away, a car had its back window smashed by a flying chunk of tree.

This afternoon we swaddled ourselves in layers and walked up to the Town Belt - after my friend Lorna and I were warned off yesterday by workmen clearing trees who told us the forest cover was "too unstable" - to find the path littered with broken branches and streams where before there were none.

The Hound, of course, enjoyed the carnival of mud and, despite a thorough wiping down, continues to leave deposits of dirt and grass all over the house.

We are now safe and warm at home with lashings of tea, red wine and fruit crumble. There are stories to be written, scenes to be animated, movies to be watched and books to be read. If we didn't have to go out in it, I would almost say I'm enjoying this detachment from humanity.

Visuals are from the last few days...

(Pic credit: Stuff and 3 News) 

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