Friday 28 June 2013

Today in bullets

An exceedingly good Friday, notable for helping to restore my faith in humanity which, for reasons far too tedious to go into here, has received somewhat of a battering lately. It was made of:

  •  A two-hour catchup with a woman I went to high-school with who I ran into the other day. She's in marketing and we've been on each others' professional radars over the years but it was sooooo good to sit down, drink coffee and catch up. And toss around possible work projects that we can collaborate on.
  • My second free lunch of the week - this time with a travel editor I've worked with for years. The  kedgeree at Nikau NEVER fails to disappoint. And a glass of shiraz at lunchtime is a vastly under-rated pleasure. 
  • Finishing a story that's been plaguing me for weeks. Good to finally get that off to the editor.
  • Being commissioned two more features for a glossy weekly mag. Both are on subjects I'm interested in, so that always helps.
  • The sniff of another travel famil. A couple have fallen over lately (shakes fist at the recession) so am determined to nail this one.
  • An afternoon walk with Lorna and Dobbie (her dog) - and the discovery of this fabulous table on the side of the road. Lorna and her partner have just bought their first home so are in the market for some furniture - and this fits the bill nicely. Two girls, two dogs and one table - somehow we all managed to make it back to her place.


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