Wednesday 26 June 2013


About a year ago, I was invited to be part of a media panel for the suppliers and producers behind Visa Wellington on a Plate, walking them through issues such as how to gain publicity for their event/brand, the best time to ring a journo, etc.

Payment was a nice bottle of wine and lunch. It has taken 12 whole months for me and the lovely Ange from Positively Wellington Tourism to align our respective diaries for that lunch but today we finally did it.

There was delectable smoked fish (me) and a haloumi burger for her at the always fabulous Ti Kouka cafe.
There was also a year's gossip to get through and the identification of Welly stories for me to cover.

In other news, the sun shone, there was a dog walk in the town belt and I finally spent a book voucher I was given as a leaving gift from a long-forgotten contract that I discovered burrowed in a corner of my wallet this morning.

All of which qualifies as a good day in Shazzyland...  

(Pic credit: Ti Kouka)

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