Sunday 23 June 2013

We all scream for ice cream

A wise woman I once interviewed said, 'Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?'

Which is kind of why I get a kick out of swimming against the tide: keeping my maiden name  (tick), refusing to bring any kids into this overpopulated, resource-hungry planet (tick) and living life on my own terms (big, fat tick).

It's also why I signed to up an ice cream testing panel in the middle of winter. My good friend Donna of Feast and Vine, who I've collaborated with on a couple of stories, is launching a range of artisanal ice-creams and needed some 'expert' opinions. Being an ice-cream lover was, apparently, the only qualification required.

Fortunately days of rain were followed by bright winter sunshine, so 12 of us schlepped out to the beautiful Ohariu Farm to rate 24 flavours on their taste, texture and composition. I can't reveal the flavours (a state secret until the launch) or the packaging that the Animator took pics of but I can say they were the tastiest morsels to pass these lips in a long time.

We chased our ice-cream coma with lunch - including a delicious kumera and coconut soup - and, just in case we hadn't filled our bellies with enough dairy products, made our own sundaes. Three hours of calorific heaven.


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