Sunday 28 July 2013

A sunny Sunday

I'm not a girl afraid to use and abuse the word 'lovely' and today provided me with ample opportunity to do so.

My old friend Sandi from my BBC London days was in town so we met for brunch. We haven't seen each other for about five years, so there was much to catch up on and we talked until our tongues almost fell out of our heads.

There was also blinding sunshine and, later, a walk with His Furiness along the waterfront. This is fast turning into the Year of Falling, as I tripped over a mossy surface and cut my left knee. It's my third fall in a month - is the universe trying to tell me something?

Yesterday we had our dog/housesitters over for coffee and the best beloved lemon cake; we haven't seen them for a while so again, lots of news to catch up on. All things considered, a bloody lovely weekend.  

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