Sunday 14 July 2013

The one in which I interview Simon Pegg

Despite the rubbish weather, we dusted off the sequins and stupidly high heels and tottered down to the Embassy for the international premiere of The World's End.

There were speeches from Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg and we laughed like drains throughout the film.

An early start this morning - unnecessarily, as it turns out, because the interview schedule was running 90 minutes late. So about 20 journos - TV, radio, print and online - sat and chatted and drank coffee. And then I had my one-on-one with Simon Pegg who was everything I'd imagined: funny, self-deprecating, thoroughly pleasant and, best of all, a dog lover. We swapped Schnauzer stories and he said I should have brought Bristol with me to the interview. Bless.

Now I have to banish the time sucking demons and file this piece by first thing tomorrow. Goodbye Sunday night.

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  1. That is sooo cool you got to meet Simon Pegg - I love him. Did you get his autograph or a photo with him? You lucky thing...

    Was the movie good? Dying to see it.

    Mel xox

  2. Sadly it's not the done thing to ask for a selfie or autograph, dammit. But yes, he was a real sweetie. And the movie is outstanding - really funny and silly and a rollicking good time. Go see it...




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