Monday 22 July 2013

Frayed nerves

When life hands you a series of motherf*&%$ big earthquakes (there aren't enough swear words to describe how I feel about events of the last two days) what do you do?

You work from home, that's what. Today the Wellington City Council advised workers to stay away from the CBD and so we are holed up in Mt Vic with a copious supply of green tea and chocolate.

It's a surreal feeling tapping away at my laptop and feeling the ground buck and sway every few minutes. We've lost count of the number of aftershocks, although the big ones still have the power to upset. We were woken at 3.14 this morning by a large quake and every hour since, there have been a few good 'uns.

It's all anyone can speak of and folk seem be operating in this weird fug of uncertainty and confusion, wondering if the past few days have been an entree for the 'Big One'. Is this the new normal? Is this how we have to live until the forces beneath the earth's crust return to slumber? Lets hope not...

Crossing everything on my person that we'll be able to return to work and normality tomorrow...

Had to smile at this in today's DomPost - at least someone has a sense of humour:

(Pic credit: Stuff and ZM)


  1. Despite Wellington rocking and rolling, I am flying down for the day on Sunday to go to the Art Show. Would love to catch up if you have some free time.
    Sandra ex BBC Ents.

  2. Hey doll, great to hear from you. I am around Sunday - will email you and we can set up a time.

    Fingers Xed aftershocks will have stopped by then.




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