Thursday 18 July 2013

Today was

Bed, walk, work, run, dinner, work, bed.

After a frantically busy day wrangling the alphabet, I've had to come home and do more.

In the next couple of days, there will be interviews with former Air NZ CE Rob Fyfe and the Chief Film Censor, so there's a mountain of research to be digested.

There was also a fascinating conversation with the Privacy Commissioners' Office about sharing people's email addresses without their consent, and another with a tourism provider about some of the quirkiest NZ travel experiences for a magazine feature.

Is it sad that the highlight of my day was squeezing in a lightening fast baking session to produce the best beloved lemon cake? Really just an excuse to get my money's worth from the stupidly expensive Kitchen Aid but also a salve to a frenzied schedule.


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