Wednesday 17 July 2013

Over it

Another snakes and ladders kind of week - several moves up (four new commissions from various magazines), another media trip and a couple of event invites - only to slide back down again.

Current annoyances include arsehole neighbours with the world's most enthusiastic subwoofer, the weather and too much work/not enough time.

I am badly in need of a hot date with the sofa, a movie and a vat of red wine.

(Pic credit: Google Images)


  1. Oh god, there's nothing worse than bratty neighbours who think they can play their stupid music as loud as possible. Ring the council, that's what we always do. And remember karma - those buggars will get what's coming to them in another life/way.

    But yay on the commissions. You are the busiest person I know. Good for you...

    Sas xx

  2. Yeah with you on the neighbours thing, doll. That's the prob with inner-city living - too many friggin renters who don't care about the community or the neighbours....arghhhhhhh!!!

    On the upside, yes some lovely work coming through at the mo - of course have taken on far too much and with the three-day a week PR contract my dance card is quickly filling up. But hey, being a busy freelancer is no bad thing...

    Hope all good in your world hon..




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