Wednesday 10 July 2013

Wednesday woes

It's a soggy Wednesday and, to compound things, several annoying people/events decided it would be a good time to put on their gladrags and go to town.

The current tenants in our rental property are leaving, so am spending hours fielding calls, emails and texts and showing people through the place. And cleaning up after folk who are old enough and ugly enough to know better. Almost had a heart attack when a woman I was showing through today opened the oven - words fail me as to the state of it. I am fast reaching the high-tide mark of my anger, I can tell you.

Two more parties to show through tonight and others wanting to see it tomorrow. Am hoping the references of a lovely woman I met today work out because I am over it.

On the upside, I was commissioned two stories for a new magazine today so am looking forward to working for them.

Today's pics are of cute woofers because everyone needs something beautiful to rest their eyes upon (especially me, after the horrors I've encountered today).

  (Pic Credit: Tumblr) 

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