Wednesday 24 July 2013

Things I learnt today

1) When you're meeting with a new client and a truck going past makes the room shake, all three of you will dive under the table. You will then laugh the nervous laugh of people who've experienced too much in the past few days.

2) I am basically now just working to pay the tax man. A visit from my lovely accountant Jane brought the bad news: all the late nights and ridiculous juggling of day jobs with freelance work has brought little else but a big fat tax bill. Booyah New Zealand, it's obviously my shout.

3) I write a mean eulogy. My Aunty Maureen from Brisbane died last Saturday and Mum has been asked to deliver the eulogy. She requested my help in drafting it and although Maureen and I weren't close, and I haven't seen her for years, the words ended up arranging themselves in a pleasant fashion.  

4) I cannot be two places at once; epic diary fail resulted in a flurry of re-jigged schedules and emails. That's what happens when you're busy being an obedient wee handmaiden of the tax department.

No time for visuals today, so these cuties from the ever reliable Tumblr will have to suffice.

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