Friday 19 July 2013

Prosecco for lunch

Have been putting out so many fires this week I should be given my own shiny truck.

But today was lovely - the sun shone, I spent two hours interviewing a delightful chap for a profile for Canvas Magazine and had lunch with a travel editor at this beautiful restaurant that I reviewed last month for the Forbes Travel Site (click here to read). It's true, I fell into the arms of sparkling grapes with indecent haste but after the week I've had, it was nothing less than I'd earned.

This afternoon the lovely Jo and her rescue greyhound Chilli joined us on a muddy walk in the town belt and now I have hours of tape to transcribe from this morning's interview. This weekend I will be racing towards two deadlines, so sadly there is to be no R&R in Shazzyland (insert sigh here).

Today's visual is of my favourite wee boy who is better for the stress levels than any amount of bubbles (although fortunately I live in a world where both are available). Check out His Stylishness, rocking the moody black and white look...


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