Monday 23 May 2011

Food glorious food

Yesterday may have been the day the world was supposed to end, but for us May 21 was all about visiting a 435-year-old establishment to review delicious kai for a glossy magazine.

Hope you've already eaten because the pics below feature the food we gobbled down as though we'd be living in the shade of a famine for far too long. All of it was lovely but the biggest props go to the DIVINE bitter chocolate and beetroot cheesecake with beetroot glaze and marscapone parfait. It was like a kiss from an angel.

Not surprisingly the restaurant owner/chef was a doll (and looked a little like George Clooney's younger, more handsome brother). Okay so I might be slightly exaggerating, but he was supremely talented, nice and eager to share his foodie philosophy - and generous to a fault when it came to doling out free food and wine. So even if I didn't want to - and I very much do - I'd feel obliged to write something nice.

The Animator was shooting the pics to accompany my story, and is now being very selective about 'lending' me some for the blog. He keeps bandying around words like 'exclusives' and 'not compromising his artistic integrity'. It's like living with David bloody Bailey...

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