Wednesday 4 May 2011

You win some, you lose some

Today, cherubs, wasn't a good day in Shazza-land.

The house we were hoping to buy in Wellington turned into a big pile of waste product expelled from the digestive tract (not the house, you understand, the deal) and, for reasons far too tedious to go into here, we missed out on it. Today, my annoyance bar is spiking.

Now we are back at square one; looking for houses, especially from afar, wins the knuckle-chewing frustration cup. I also fear asking my architect mate Glenn to look at any more houses for us, lest it rent our friendship asunder.

On the positive side, I have made inroads into the ridiculous amount of freelance writing work I have been avoiding. Along with the travel pieces, there is some outstanding website writing for a NZ client, copy for a British friend's website and a couple of new commissions from a local food mag. I am hoping it will be a little like eating a tube of salt and vinegar Pringles: once you start, you just can't stop....

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