Tuesday 17 May 2011

New beginnings

The amuse-bouche stage of starting a new role can be challenging: the 'getting-to-know-yous', finding out where the loos are and signing what seems like 873 confidentiality agreements.

Which means I cannot divulge what I am writing or even which film project I am working on. What I can say is I'm delighted to be involved with an organisation whose values and morals align with my own; where people are in possession of a brain cell, maturity and good taste. You've been gone far too long, I wanted to exclaim this morning, so wipe your feet on the welcome mat and come on in.

Perhaps it's because the last few gigs have marched me to the very edge of my comfort zone – and not always in a good way – but this new chapter feels as snuggly and enveloping as a favourite cashmere cardy.

Today my happiness levee is in danger of being breached....

1 comment:

  1. Good on you for finally getting something that pushes your buttons - most people search a lifetime for that. Tonya xx



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