Tuesday 24 May 2011

Only in Ireland....

On Friday we fly to Ireland for the final May Bank Holiday weekend to see a very dear friend I once worked with at the BBC. And to write the obligatory travel piece, of course.

Annette and JP live in a tiny village near Galway BUT because there are no direct flights from Bristol to Galway, we have to fly into Knock (yeah, I'd never heard of it either – turns out it's a wee speck in the west of Ireland) and hire a car for the two hour drive.

I asked Annette for her postcode so we could plug it into the GPS thingy but turns out they don't have one. Nor, it would seem, are many of the streets named. These are the driving directions we received: “Start out on unnamed road. Take the road that goes under the arch (also not signposted). Turn right at petrol station where there is a sculpture that looks like a kebab”.

What? What? Those Irish eyes had better be smiling on us or a week from now we'll still be driving around the backroads of Ireland.

** That's if we even manage to get out of the UK – seems those pesky Icelandic volcanoes are at it again....

(Pic: Internationaleducationmedia.com)

1 comment:

  1. A sculpture shaped like a kebab? Sounds brilliant. Good luck with getting to Ireland and look forward to reading your travel article - am sure it will be as funny and well-written as your other work. Kelly X



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