Monday 15 August 2011

A four letter word

After three weeks of crisp but sunny days, today Mother Nature decided she would wave her arms to get our attention.

The worst snowstorm in decades blanketed Welly and parts southern today. Yes, snow in Welly. We NEVER get snow that settles. It even snowed in Auckland – the first flurry of note there since 1939.

Froze my butt off walking back to the hotel from work and, for possibly the thousandth time, wished my lovely thick English coats were here instead of sitting on a dock somewhere 12,000 sodding miles away.

As I type this, thunder and lightening are slugging it out, making the lights flicker on and off and, horror of horrors, turning my TV screen blank while John Campbell was trying to tell me something important.

(Pic Credit: Stuff)

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