Friday 26 August 2011


Today I had one of those days where I wanted to be voted off the island.

But then I got back to the hotel and found THREE parcels from my shopping guardian angel, Anita. Which, even with my rudimentary grasp of math, means I am now the proud owner of NINE new tops/dresses/scarves. The fact that they come attached to such labels as Armani, Karen Millen and Topshop made me do such a loud and energetic happy dance I feared hotel security would knock at my door.

I laid all the items out on the bed to photograph them (apologies, I am no Annie Leibovitz) and immediately felt the urge to roll around in them. I now understand how my doggies used to feel when they would roll, with unbridled delight, in all manner of unspeakable things.

Today I had a moment when I thought, this is what happiness feels like.


  1. Where does she get such fab items? I know one certain fiancee who would no doubt love to know where to get her hands on such brands at what you have always said are bargain prices!! Do tell Ms tell!!!

  2. From car boot sales - the greatest invention since sliced soy and linseed!!! Anita got me into them a few months before i left - we'd go to the Cheltenham Racecourse - the only prob is that they are usually out of town so you might need a car to get there. Although not sure where they are in London? Seriously, if you can get to one, do it! Things like Topshop tops for two quid, etc....bargain shopping heaven! Btw, you owe me an email hon!




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