Thursday 25 August 2011

I shouldn't moan, but....

History is being made in Libya, Hurricane Irene is about to change lives in the Caribbean and people are, tragically and needlessly, dying in the Horn of Africa.

I, however, have my health, a great marriage, work I enjoy, somewhere to live and more than enough to eat. I have NOT A THING to whinge about.

And yet…

It’s such a first world moan but today I popped out to buy a slip to go under a fantabulous lace dress that Anita, my UK shopping guardian angel, sent to me. All I was after was a simple piece of material that would protect my modesty under the full length lace panels. I’d expected to pay around $10-$15.

Could I find anything in that price range? Could I bollocks. There was nothing under $45 and even that was ugly rubbish. Bear in mind that the actual dress only cost about three quid (about $6).

Seriously people, why is clothing so goddam expensive in NZ? It’s not like the quality is so fantastic it justifies such ridiculously large price tags. I am glad to be home but this reminds me why, even before I moved to the UK, I bought all my clothes in Asia.

(Pic: Google Images)

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