Saturday 13 August 2011

Happiness is...

  • Friday night dinner with our dear friend Andy at our favourite Japanese place, Kazu. Their teriyaki salmon is the yummiest thing to pass my lips in a long, long time. Much of the conversation revolved around Andy, a builder, trying to convince us of the merits of building our dream home. The Animator was sold but I have the idea firmly on lockdown. Do I look like I need more stress in my life?

  • A relaxing facial from my former beauty therapist Marie turned into a possible work opportunity when she sounded me out about developing a social media strategy for the salon. I feel a contra deal coming on.

  • Another clothing package from the UK. This time my goodie bag featured a pleated cream dress from H&M, a brand new black dress from River Island and a stunning blue top (snapped below). Anita, I have fallen even more in love with your taste and breathtaking bargaining skills.

  • The discovery of a cheapish vintage store. Okay, so it has nothing on the UK's charity shops but amongst the dross I managed to find a handbag for a fiver and a $3 paperback.

  • The hotel gym. Often I am the only one using it. Allows me to indulge my 'this is the home gym I'd have if my surname was Rockefeller' type fantasies.

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