Friday 5 August 2011

There is a God #4

Nothing makes a girl feel more prone to public gloating than a parcel from afar.

Tonight, after getting familiar with a few post-work reds, I meandered back to the hotel to find this parcel waiting for me.

It was from my UK shopping buddy Anita who, knowing how much I would miss our carboot outings, has made it her personal mission to shop for me. Today's offering was three tops/dresses from UK high street store, NEXT.

Maybe its the effect of my first week back at work, or perhaps it's because I'm still cursing the fact that we left summer to return to winter. Or maybe it's because it takes time to adjust. Or all of the above. All I know is that the rump end of the week has found me feeling more than a little fatigued. So to unlock the door and discover a parcel of gorgeous clothing is the best mood enhancer ever.

Nothing can change the fact that I'm missing the UK shops terribly, particularly the circuit of four fantabulous charity shops that became a critical part of my Saturday morning (that, a lie in and the Saturday Guardian was as near to bliss as it's possible to get). I'm also keenly feeling the absence of early Sunday morning car boot sales, so much so that I now, somewhat disturbingly, find myself dreaming about them.

I LOVE how Anita, my sartorial guardian angel, totally gets that a woman cannot live on two suitcases alone.


  1. So lucky to have your own personal shopping angel!

  2. I know - and she has such a good eye too, bless her.

    Just hope the whole palaver of posting stuff doesn't wear her out!




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