Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Parts of my body are about to drop off

I wish to make an official complaint: it is farking cold.

So cold, in fact, that tonight when I tried to pay for groceries, my fingers were so frozen they refused to punch out my PIN number. And I'd been wearing gloves. And a scarf, a coat and various layers.

I was once a fashion writer; now I pray that vagabond chic – ie wearing all the clothes you own at once – is the height of fashion.

(Pic: Boomgirl.org)


  1. Good luck digging yourself out of the snow! Can't believe that I can brag about London weather to someone. Good luck with everything!


  2. Yes, brag away! They're saying it's a 'once in 50 year event'. Here's bluddy hoping....

    Send some of that glorious London sunshine our way...




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