Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wish I had been there....

Fess up time: yes, I will admit to shedding a few tears when I saw the pics of my gorgeous friend Anita's riotous hen party (below).

Held in Gloucester last Saturday I SHOULD have been there. I even had a game all planned. Damn you fate.

I would give my right arm (and my left) to have a tardis that could ship me all over the globe in mere minutes. Sciencey-type folk, are you listening? Would be ever so grateful if you could invent one...


  1. My lovely friend, now I'm the one with little tears in my eyes reading this. You know I wish you were there but it wasn't meant to be, fate has got a lot to answer for. I thought of you lots though...xx

  2. Hope you are saving those pennies to come visit me - or at least let's meet halfway - a Hong Kong shopping trip sounds like something we need to do next year!




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