Sunday 14 August 2011


If you find yourself in a hotel gym and an American guest engages you in conversation about the merits – or not – of wearing makeup during a workout, you know you're in for an interesting, if somewhat random, conversation.

Still, nice to have some companionship during my ongoing war on cellulite.

Later, there was coffee with the inlaws and the Animator's sister and her hubbie. Nice to catch up.

And, joy of joys, the discovery that I can read The Guardian online the way it appears in print. Check out this wee beauty which is set to become my new best friend. I predict the loss of many, many hours.

(Pic: Salvation Army UK)


  1. Just to add to your Sunday, you have some more tops coming. We did well at the racecourse today lovely. I now have loads to send you, please expect lots of small parcels as per my email, otherwise the postage is a mortgage payment :-)

  2. Just got into work and checked my email - and laughed out loud (strange looks from colleagues!) Good news on this bluddy freezing morning. Cant wait to see what 'we' bought!




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