Sunday 19 January 2014

A weekend of wine and song

Actually less of the song and more of the fermented beverages (Dry January begged me to come back but I pretended not to hear).

Last night there was a walk in the Town Belt with our friends Gosia and Martin (who the Animator worked with in the UK). They have been in NZ for a few months and wanted to check out the Lord of the Rings filming locations. The Hound and I traverse these spots on our daily walk and aside from having to bypass the touristy hordes, care little for their celluloid significance. Yesterday, however, we had our very own Kodak moment, before heading home for a barbie in the sun-drenched garden (including, for dessert, the blessed holy trinity of grilled peaches, nectarines and apricots slathered with mascarpone and honey).

Today there was brunch with my old mate Farahmand at this fabulous place, a doggie walk on the beach and some work. Later there will be this movie. I'm told it's all kind of beautiful, but probably not for you if you consider anything with Bruce Willis or Jim Carrey in it as cinematic perfection.  

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