Wednesday 8 January 2014

Hong Kong and UK, here I come!

Eight hundred and seventy three emails later (I can, it seems, never pass up an opportunity to exaggerate), and my media trip to HK and Europe seems to be coming together.

Well at least my comped flights with the marvellous Cathay Pacific are sorted, anyway. Baby steps.

Missives are currently flying across the world to set up lunches, dinners and sleep-overs with mates in HK, London and Bristol. I especially CANNOT wait to see my besties Anita, Frenchie and Yoma in Bristol.

In the meantime, there is a stupidly long list of stuff to tick off. But at least I finally have some kind of traction...

(Pic credit: Vivienne Westwood) 


  1. A trip to Europe for free! How fantastic. Do you think you could squeeze me into your suitcase?!

    Look forward to seeing the pics on here...


  2. Sure thing - nothing like surprising the Customs bods! Hm, not sure how good the pics will be since the supremely talented Animator won't be coming with, but will give it a go...




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