Monday 20 January 2014

Happy Anniversary, Wellington

Today was a public holiday to commemorate the anniversary of the glorious city we live in.

It started with a three hour walk with the doggie walking group at the Polhill Reserve Loop.
Lots of fun for the two and four legged participants.

I raced home for a 2.00pm magazine interview with the amazing woman behind Beer Belly Jellies, delicious savoury jellies made with good old Welly craft beer. And then scoffed her jellies, cheese and home-made beer lavash (!) as though I was in the shadow of a famine. And this from someone who doesn't really like beer.

We finished the day with a 6.2 quake. An unwanted reminder that we live atop one of the world's twitchiest fault-lines. Or maybe it was just the earth sending its anniversary wishes...

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