Sunday 12 January 2014

First interiors interview of the year - and bargain city!

Today we drove an hour up the coast to Waikanae where I interviewed a home-owner who has done amazing things to her house with a tight budget. She's the owner of this adorable shop so her home was all manner of cute.

Sadly, I only remembered to whip out my phone at the last minute so these are the only pics I have to share. But, between you and me, I was crushing out hard on the driftwood Xmas tree - might have to get my Martha Stewart groove on this year and make my own.

As has become our practice, the boys went to the beach while I did the interview; but when the Animator came to collect me, Bristol got to play with the home-owner's dog Poppy. They only stopped long enough for me to take this.

Best of all was the home-owner's heads-up of a couple of second-hand stores on our way home; this is the haul from both - six items for the princely sum of $31! Almost, dare I say it, as good as the UK car boots.


(Apols for rubbish photo; I am on deadline to deliver this story by tomorrow AM so no time for faffing about with photoshop).

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