Monday 6 January 2014

First day back

Returning to work after a holiday is a little like ripping off a sticking plaster - painful, unpleasant and, when it finally comes off, it takes a tiny piece of you.

Seriously, though, today was fine. Unlike last year, the first day back at the current contract didn't have me poking around the dustier corners of the internet for advice on anti-depressants.

Tonight after work, the Hound and I went on a gloriously long run in the bush; on our return we ran into one of Bristol's many GFs, a gorgeous black lab by the name of Lily, who positively fawned all over him.

Dinner was at 7.30pm in the back garden in the blazing hot sun. Happy days.

Something else in my bliss bag is this cute vintage tin I picked up at a Masterton second hand shop in November for the princely sum of eight bucks. It really rocks a pink hydrangea, doesn't it?

And, to balance out the colour wheel, here's some purple hydrangeas too...

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